Corporate Advisory

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Corporate Advisory
Corporate finance and strategic advisory with creative Ideas, guidance and solutions by Recapita

With the fastest increasing importance of investment banking across the globe, its advisory functions are starting to find worldwide recognition. People are looking at these advisory functions, with increased confidence. One of such functions is corporate advice. However, these services are spread over a vast spectrum of corporate activity. Some of them are very well suited for investment banks, with the rest finding place with specialist advisory firms. The essence of corporate advisory services for investment banking relates to financial advisory and corporate advisory.

Corporate Advisory Services

Corporate Advisory Services is a sunshade expression that encompass dedicated advice's rendered to corporate houses by professional advisers such as accountants, investment banks, industries and host of comparable service providers.

The formulation of corporate advisory plan involves:
  • In-depth examination of the industry
  • Identification of growth drivers
  • Market positioning
  • Product policies
  • Diversification strategies
  • Corporate and group structure etc

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