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Small Business Loan

MSMEs face a number of problems in their growth with the biggest & hardest challenge still being finance i.e. mere availability of the same when required. Unlike ideas, willingness and intent, timing of finance is very crucial. A helping hand in lending at the time of need becomes all the more important because of this challenge.

Understanding these problems faced by any MSME, we at Recapita have unsecured business loan up to Rs.50 Lakhs without any collateral. ‘Unsecured business loan’ specifically suiting the business requirements of our customers, helping them with the business continuity & ultimately boosting the business growth

  • Business Loan: Revolving
    1. Revolving in nature (can be renewed again after repayment or after expiry of one year whichever is earlier)

    2. Amount – Up to Rs.50 lakh

    3. Tenure – Up to 365 days

    4. Repayment – within 90 days of drawl

    5. Stay protected by paying a nominal premium (*Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation', which essentially means that insurance has to be requested or asked for, not sold)

    6. No guarantee/ security or collateral require.

  • Business Loan: Term Loan
    1. Flexible Tenure12 to 24 months

    2. Amount Rs. 10 lakhs to 50 lakhs

    3. Attractive rate of Interest

    4. Repayment in Equated monthly Instalment

    5. Stay protected by paying a nominal premium*

    6. No guarantee/ security or collateral require

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