Invoice Financing Faqs

What is Invoice Financing?

Invoice Financing allows a business to cater to immediate cash flow requirements for daily business needs.

Why do businesses use invoice finance?

To get access to cash from their Account Receivables Ledger rather than waiting for their debtors to pay them, these funds can then be used to run and grow the business.It is the same concept as offering your customer (debtor) an upfront discount if they pay your invoice early, and it allows businesses to obtain an advance of up to 90% of the invoice value with the 10% balance (less a small fee) received when the debtor pays.

Do you pay 100% of the invoice?

No. We can pay for up to 85% of the invoice value.

Is this process new?

Invoice Financing is not new. It is a revolutionary way to put more money into your business by collateralizing your business's outstanding invoices or bills.

How Quickly Can Invoice Finance Be Arranged?

Avail invoice financing in just 3 easy steps. Our process has been carefully optimized to be quick and convenient:

1. Online Application: Fill out our contact form with your business information and buyer details.

2. Recapita Assessment: Our Credit Team will evaluate your application and approve a credit limit.

3. Submit Invoices: You are ready to be financed! Once legal documentation is completed, you can start submitting invoices for financing.