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We provide Personal Loans for a variety of reasons including marriage, education, home renovation, travel or even medical needs.


Reduce Worry
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​Applying for a Loan with Recapita unlocks multiple financial support options. Helping you or your businesses to become more successful, Viable, Impactful, and independent. Get tailored business loan solutions to improve your financial odds. Recapita’s loan processes are quick, easy, and hassle-free. Individuals or businesses ​can apply for Recapita's Financial Products viz. Personal Loans, Business Loans, Gold Loans, and other SME financing support directly or online, through dedicated market channels or at our Network of Branches.

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You can apply online. Our team member will soon get in touch with you.



Furnish the required documents. We will verify your loan application.



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Gold Loan
Have an urgent need for cash, use your gold to avail a Gold Loan. Flexibility to use it for a very shorter period and pay only for the actual days of usage of funds.
Working Capital Loan
​​Line of credit is a good way to get money for your business. Ensure funds availability during the uncertain times of your business cash flow cycles.
Small Business Loan
Many MSME's rely on a Small Business Loan to fuel growth and other strategic business initiatives.
Personal Loan
Do you wish to renovate your house? Or fix a car or need some funds for a holiday or your wedding? Then Personal Loan would be a reliable instrument to source some funds.
Corporate HR Loan
Corporate employees can now get loans at their workplace, without having to leave their seats.
Invoice Financing
A short-term solution to borrow money to improve the company's cash flow.
Mortgage Loan
A mortgage loan is one in which you secure funds by pledging your property.
Industrial Property
​Can be taken for the purpose of financing or refinancing the purchase, construction, or renovation of a factory, warehouse, or industrial complex.
Financial Advisory
Financial Advisory Services practice provides comprehensive financial, economic and strategic advice to companies with complex business problems.
Corporate Advisory
Our Corporate Advisory team delivers high-quality strategic advice and creative financing solutions to clients.

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Recapita Finance gave us the power in streamlining our purchases and finding the actual price of raw material and minimizing our purchase costs through Invoice financing, also supporting every employee's financial needs through customized personal loans at very competitive rates.

AARNEEL Technocrafts Group - Indore

Marketing Lead, Twitter
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Recapita Finance was a pleasure to work with, and the all process was extremely great. Looking forward to a long relationship with Recapita!

Minolta Chem Industry - Mumbai

Marketing Lead, Oculus

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