Gold Loan

Have an urgent need for cash, use your gold to avail a Gold Loan. Flexibility to use it for a very short period and pay only for the actual days of usage of funds.

Gold Loan

Recapita gold loan is secured loans where gold jewellery is used as collateral. You pledge your gold jewellery with us and get a loan. The loan amount is usually a percentage of the gold’s value. You can repay the loan through monthly interest payments.

After the repayment, you get back your gold jewellery. Usually, borrowers use this loan to meet a sudden financial goal, such as a marriage or a child's education. Its always better, instead of selling the gold, opt for a loan. Our Transparency in the entire process is what makes us one of the best gold finance companies in Central India.

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Business Loan: Revolving
Revolving in nature (can be renewed again after repayment or after expiry of one year whichever is earlier).
- Amount – Up to Rs.50 lakh.
- Tenure – Up to 365 days.
- Repayment – within 90 days of drawl.
- Stay protected by paying a nominal premium (*Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation', which essentially means that insurance has to be requested or asked for, not sold)
No guarantee/ security or collateral require.

Business Loan: Term Loan
Flexible Tenure12 to 24 months.
- Amount Rs. 10 lakhs to 50 lakhs.
- Attractive rate of Interest
- Repayment in Equated monthly Instalment
- Stay protected by paying a nominal premium*.
- No guarantee/ security or collateral require.

Gold Loan Advantages

Easy to get In One Visit

Get an instant gold loan against your gold jewellery at your very 1st visit.

Insured And Safe Locked

We keep your gold insured and safe locked.

Flexible Repayment

​​​We offer greater flexibility in terms of gold loan repayment.

Hassle free Documentation

Gold loan documentation process with Recapita is quick, simple and minimal.

High Gold Loan Value

At Recapita avail maximum value for your gold and get instant loan disbursal.

Part Release Facility

​You can make part-prepayment any number of times during the tenure of the gold loans.

Accurate Evaluation

​We have an in-house purity and value check with our expert appraiser/carat meter for proper evaluation of gold.

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