Director's Message

Dear Patrons,

Being one of the fastest-growing portents in the alternate finance industry, we are driven by a very simple goal- to support the growth of the MSME sector in India along with the public at large.

Fulfilling client’s needs is our first priority and we are constantly working towards customized solutions depending upon the changing requirements of the clients. The success of Recapita in providing small-ticket loans and advances with timely repayment has been considered to be a sure footprint of our future growth strategy. We have also started the Gold Loan segment in order to reach out to our customer’s additional requirements.

A company is known by its Directors who manage it. Our Directors are people with more than 22 years of combined experience in the Banking industry, that too having held the position of Vice president, General Manager, etc. in Scheduled Banks. This gives us impetus which many of our immediate counterparts are not able to emulate. We also have a dedicated staff whose approach is purely customer-oriented and based on a personal touch with the end-user.

We have in place all necessary infrastructures, systems, and operational procedures that are flexible enough to accommodate the needs of the clients. All our operations are executed while strictly complying with RBI’s set up guidelines, independent of any market risk.

As a Managing Director of the Company, I am responsible for spearheading Recapita Finance Private Limited to grow consistently in the financing industry.

Amit Jain
Managing Director